Literary Theories Final Semester Test

Dear Students,

For the final semester test, write a brief essay in which you respond to either Anne Karenina or Partition based on one of the theories that you have discussed in class. You should write the essay in your own words and sentence constructions. Cite and make quotations when necessary.

Organize the essay based on the following outline.

  1. Title and Byline (your name and student number) (=5 credits)
  2. Introduction (background, thesis statement) (=20 credits
  3. Discussion (analysis/argument, evidence/support, theoretical justification) (=50 credits)
  4. Conclusion (synthesis/restatement of the thesis) (=20 credits)
  5. BIBLIOGRAPHY (=5 credits)

Note: Any indication of plagiarism is not tolerated


Literary Theory Mid Test 2013/2014

Dear Students.

This is the mid test of literary theories. Please submit your work on the D-day of the test as scheduled. Click the following link to download the test items. Good luck. Literary Theories_MID_2013 2014

Sample of literary research paper

Here is a sample of literary research paper. Click to download.

English Grammar in Use

One of the many excellent grammar books that provide the learners with exercises is Murphy’s  English Grammar in Use. Click here to download.

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Philosophy of Language

I found this book helpful. Click here to download.

Practical English Grammar

I found this book helpful. Click here to download.

Orientation of Critical Theories

M. H.Abrams classified literary theories into four groups, namely: mimetic, expressive, affective, and objective theories. Click here to read what each category refers to.

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