Contemporary Theories

Although reflections on the nature of literature dated as far back as the classical Greek scholars, the real rich discussions on the theory of literature took place during the twentieth century. That is why most resources on literary theories provided here are those developing during the century from Russian Formalism to Postcolonial theory and Postmodernism. Among other available resources are as follows:
1. Literary Theory, David Carter (2006)
2. Reader’s Guide to Contemporary Literary Theory, 5th Edition, Raman Selden (2005)
3. Literary Theory: An Introduction, Terry Eagleton (2003)
4. A Glossary of Literary Terms, 7th Edition, M. H. Abrams (1997)
5. History of Feminist Literary Criticism_Gill Plain and Susan Sellers (2007)
6. Sociology of Literature_Alan Swingewood and Diana Laurenson


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