1. Structure_1 Session 4_Subject Verb Agreement
2. Structure_1 Session 6_Adjective and Adverb of Manner
3. Structure_1 Session 7_Verb Phrase_Tenses_Adverb of Time
4. Structure_1 Session 8_Present and Present Progressive
5. Structure_1 Session 9_Simple Past Tense and Past Progressive Tense
6. Structure_1 Session 10_Simple Present Perfect Tense and Present Perfect Progressive Tense
7. Structure_1 Session 11_Simple Future Tense
8. Structure_1 Session 12_Going to and Other Ways of Expressing Future
9. Structure_2 Session 1 & 2_Modal Auxiliaries
10. Structure_2 Session 3 & 4_Gerund and Infinitive
11. Structure_2 Session 5_Impersonal It and Introductory There
12. Structure_2 Session 6_Simple, Compound, Complex Sentences
13. Structure_2 Session 7_Relative Clause
14. Structure_2 Session 8_Noun Clause
15. Structure_2 Session 9-10_Adverbial Clause


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